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Villa Elevators

SANYO villa elevator adheres to the top-tech in the world’s private field.It inherits the classical international design concept and creates a luxurious dream in your house art.It grants a full play of an overall supreme quality at your house.We create a clean and bright space which perfectly matched into harmony of your house.It adds more of life interest and fulfills your house elevator dream.

Technical advantages

Reliable and safe, escorted by safety system

Traction system

Guidance system

Door system

Cabin system

Weight balance system

Can-bus control system

VVVF drive system

Safety protection system

Reduce urban construction carbon emissions

Sanyo Elevator strictly abides by the R & D standards of global products for fast elevators in the United States, adopts world-leading advanced technology and design concepts, operates efficiently, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and provides perfect transportation for your future.

Permanent magnet power

LED automatic lighting

Energy feedback system

Clean antibacterial function

Service area

SANYO villa elevator has been specially researched into and developed for the medium and high grades of the villas and the duples apartment as well.The ordinary type and wheelchair elevator satisty your requirements towards a quality life.