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MRL Elevators

Most elevators, whether traction or hydraulic, require a machine room to store large electric motors (or hydraulic pumps) and a controller cabinet. However, modern day traction motors boasting gearless and permanent magnet drive can be more compact and efficient because they use electronic microprocessors instead of mechanical relays. As a result, traction elevators (A.K.A. Machine-Room-Less or MRL elevators) can be built without a dedicated room above the shaft, saving valuable space in building planning.

SANYO lift design presents a departure from the traditional, looped over-the-top traction rope routing of traction elevators. The ends of the cables are fixed to the supporting structure, and the length of the cable are connected to the car and counterweight by means of a force-multiplying, energy saving compound pulley system. Machine-Room-less elevators have become a welcome alternative to the older hydraulic elevator for low to medium rise buildings.Machine-Room-Less (MRL) technology stands to bring rapid change to the elevator industry.

Technical advantages

Environment friendly synchronized permanent magnetic gearless hoister

The combination of synchronized permanent magnetic gearless hoister, the vector control drive system and energy recycling function realizes the maximum energy efficiency while reducing the mechanical and electric waste to the minimum.

Technical advantages

Highly effective&energy saving car illumination

The illumination in the car can take 40% of the total energy consumption of an elevator. Therefore, the traditional halogen lamps have been replaced by the modern florescent lighting of LEDs, which are more cost efficient and durable.

Reduce urban construction carbon emissions

Sanyo Elevator strictly abides by the R & D standards of global products for fast elevators in the United States, adopts world-leading advanced technology and design concepts, operates efficiently, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and provides perfect transportation for your future.

Permanent magnet power

LED automatic lighting

Energy feedback system

Clean antibacterial function

Service area

We have in store for our clients optimum quality Gearless and Machine-room-less Elevators that are widely accepted for their higher and smoother performance. These are easy to maintain and manufacture in a way that ensures that heavy loads can easily be handled.