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Project Cases

“During some days at SANYO factory. we have acquired a lot of knowledge on SANYO elevator’s mechanical and electrical parts. We are much admired on their product’s sophistication and high technology. Every SANYO product will be tested more than 6,000 times before leaving factory. We are looking forward to establish more and more business activities in the future.”

——— Mexico agency

“Very glad to see Sanyo factory during our first visit to China. There are advanced machines and sequenced production process in their plant. We are impressed with their hospitality and hardworking attitude. Many successful projects are installed in our country during last 6 years, hope they continuously give best products and service as always.”

———— Chile agency

“Here I represent our company to express our sincere thanks to SANYO engineer’s visiting. We are very impressed on your professional working attitude. Our client is very satisfied with your escalator’s quality and they are full of praise for SANYO escalator’s moving with lower noise. We hope we can continue our good busines relationship  and interacitivity for the following years.”

———— Yemen agency

“This is the first project between SANYO and us, the villa owner is very satisfied with the commission of the elevator.Now we have a lot of projects in Bahrain, all the lifts are running well and SANYO brand has a good reputation in local market. SANYO has a very strong technician team, thanksfor the professional guidance. Hope we will both have good future in elevator field.”

———— Bahrain agency

“We are very appreciated to be the agent of SANYO because they are reliable, energetic, passional and well-communicated! With 7 years cooperation, SANYO have established a good brand reputation here. We hope Sanyo can make persistent effortsand continue to provide us high-quality products and services!”

———— Philippine agency

“Sanyo is good brand and provide quality products. Always delivery goods on time with good package. I like their aftersale service, it helps me a lot. Hope we will always have good cooperation in the future.”

———— Palestine agency