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Moving Walks

SANYO moving walks have been designed with utmost quality and precision to ensure safety,reliability,durability,comfort,performance and long life.We have used the highest quality components to ensure continuous running without breakdowns to keep our high standard of production.

Technical advantages

Reliable and safe, escorted by safety system

Parallel shaft helical gear reducer

Linear handrail drive system

Step wheel mute technology

DC contactor

Reduce urban construction carbon emissions

SANYO Moving Walks strictly abides by the R & D standards of global products, adopts world-leading advanced technology and design concepts, operates efficiently, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and provides perfect transportation for your future.

Comb plate safety device

Over-speed chain protection

Drive-chain safety device

Direction reversal protection

Service area

SANYO moving Walks are used in shopping malls, stations, airports, etc.